Quick tips on Juggling Stress today

Quick tips on Juggling Stress today

At the rate of speed life throws us challenges, it is no wonder that there are moments of stress in our lives. Here are a few simple tips to reduce the stress.

  • Be honest with yourself, recognize what you can and cannot control. “When in charge, take charge”, you are always responsible for you. Remember, if you were physically sick and had to be hospitalize, then nothing else would matter, except to get better. We all have some limits, respect yours.
  • You are number #1 and all of your number ones will be taken care of, when you focus on your mental and physical wellbeing first.
  • When you have lots to do, lay out all your tasks on one sheet of paper, no details, no spell check, just lay them out. If you’re analytical this will take some courage. J Now ask this question; which one item, and only one, has to get done now or first? Put a number 1 next to it and then do the next one and so on. Remember to smile because you’re getting prepared to conquer your quest. Once done, go ahead and do the first one only, stick to it and when completed, come back and cross it out. The act of crossing it out fuels you to continue and brings you back to you.
  • Sometimes, just say “no”. Trying to please everyone does not help you in the long run.

Kyoshi Ocasio

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