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  • 7 Skills for Teaching Your Child to Stand-Up to Bullies Does your child know how to handle a bully?

    The recent media attention on the epidemic of youth bullying in the United States brings to public awareness what most parents and school professionals know and live on a daily basis: kids can be brutal. Celebrities and professionals have boldly weighed in, in front of the cameras, saying, "This has to end!" And they are right. The question is, how will we end it? While school policies focus on zero-tolerance and criminal penalties are wielded for some of the most egregious bullies, others know what coaches have been saying for years: the best offense is a good defense. Am I advocating revenge? Do I think the world is going to be changed by bullied kids uniting in retaliation against ....

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  • What do kids want in a coach?

    What do kids want in a coach?

    We asked kids in an online survey: "What should a coach care about most?" You might expect them to answer "to focus on winning." But "Put me in, coach!" is what most kids really want. In fact, the majority didn't think winning was all that important. Only 7% of girls said coaches should be most concerned with winning, while about 18% of boys said so. Here's what boys and girls value most in a coach:

    64% said giving everyone a chance to play
    27% said teaching new skills
    9% said winning Striving for excellence is a great goal, but when coaches and parents apply too much pressure, kids can get overly worried or push themselves too hard physically, leading to injuries. Some kids may even ....

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    From Grown and Flown - parenting never ends. Quitting. We quit jobs, we quit marriages, we walk out on friendships and sometimes we let people down when the going gets tough. Sometimes it is necessary, even the right thing to do. Our kids quit teams and music lessons, art classes and after school programs. Sometimes it’s necessary, but sometimes they are bored or don’t like the coach or would just rather play video games at home. Deciding when to let your kids quit something, be it Gymboree, Little League or SAT prep, is a question that never goes away. My kids have tried it all. I have driven them to sports, found drum teachers, glass blowing lessons, ....

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  • 10 Great Self-Defense Tips

    10 Great Self-Defense Tips

    The BEST self-defense is Awareness Never ignore a "bad feeling"!! Police statistics show that in 90% of attacks the victim "felt something was wrong" BEFORE anything happened but ignored their gut instincts. If you pay attention to your environment and can escape, you won't have to fight.
    1. Look where you're going.
    Check out the gas station, ATM, 7-Eleven etc. before you pull up/go in so you don't become part of a stickup in progress. 2. Wake up.
    Turn off your iPod/iPhone etc. when out in public. Don't jog with earphones. 3. Maintain a Personal Comfort Zone.
    No stranger or hostile relation is allowed to get closer than 5 feet to you without vetting ....

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  • Raising Fit Kids

    Raising Fit Kids

    This is a great article I am sharing from WebMD
    If your child is overweight, chances are you want to help him get healthy. But sometimes that means ignoring popular diet advice. Often, what works for adults may not be best for kids. “Children have their own set of nutritional needs for healthy growth and development,” says Tamara Melton, a dietitian, and instructor at Georgia State University. The best way to help a child lose weight? Work with his pediatrician to make sure that he slims down in a safe way. But you can also think about these simple steps to help your child -- and the whole family -- live a healthier, fitter lifestyle. 1. Find the right weight ....

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  • Raising Confident Kids

    Raising Confident Kids

    Raising Confident Kids It takes confidence to be a kid. Whether going to a new school or stepping up to bat for the first time, kids face a lot of uncharted territory . Naturally, parents want to instill a can-do attitude in their kids so that they'll bravely take on new challenges and, over time, believe in themselves. While each child is a little different, parents can follow some general guidelines to build kids' confidence. Self-confidence rises out of a sense of competence. In other words, kids develop confidence not because parents tell them they're great, but because of their achievements, big and small. Sure, it's good to hear encouraging words from mom and dad. ....

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  • 5 Simple Self-Defense Tips

    5 Simple Self-Defense Tips

    Practice safety during holiday shopping. Howard Mallen Holiday shopping can frazzle the brain. Shoppers are trying to remember gift lists while simultaneously calculating whether it's better to use a coupon or sign up for an in-store credit card. Personal safety at the mall and in the parking lot is the last thing on most people's minds, but it should truly be top of mind. Poorly lit parking garages, arms full of packages, keys buried in the bottom of overflowing purses, and other factors can make shoppers particularly easy targets for predators. To help you stay safe this holiday shopping season, consider the following list of personal safety tips. 1. Stay aware of ....

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  • Raising An Athlete

    Raising An Athlete

    When I was a young teen, I trained in martial arts. As an older teen, I lived, dreamed, and thought about Karate all the time. All the cool kids in high school were martial artists. I didn’t originally choose martial arts, but my parents did. They worked crazy hours and it was tough on them to get me to organized sports practices and games. They wanted me to be active so they enrolled me in Karate. When I wasn’t training at the dojo, I was teaching my friends in my basement/home. My parents encouraged me and supported my classes and training. As a result of being a martial arts athlete, I learned coordination, leadership, team spirit, physical strength, ....

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  • What Is Cyberbullying?

    What Is Cyberbullying?

    What is Cyberbullying
    Cyberbullying isbullyingthat takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles. Why Cyberbullying is Different
    Kids who are being cyberbullied are often bullied in person as well. Additionally, kids who are cyberbullied have a harder time getting away from the behavior. ....

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  • October Is Bullying Awareness Month

    October Is Bullying Awareness Month

    You Can STOMPOut Bullying™! REPORT It!
    Don't be afraid to tell an adult. Telling isn't tattling! You are helping someone. Who should you tell? You could tell your parents, teacher, school counselor, school nurse, coach or any adult you trust. Be sure to tell exactly what happened ... who was bullied, who the bully was, where and when it happened. Even if you suspect a kid is being bullied, it's a good idea to report that, too. Most adults really do care about bullying and will be glad that you told them about it. If you tell an adult and you don't think they are doing anything about the bullying or if the situation isn't improving, tell another adult. Keep ....

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  • Helping Kids to Cope

    Helping Kids to Cope

    I can’t say it enough: teach kids problem-solving skills from a very early age. If your child has developed problem-solving skills but lost access to them because they are depressed periodically, you have to help them regain access to those skills. So how do you do this? Here are some suggestions for ways to help you coach your child through it: Help Kids Identify Coping Skills:
    When you ask a teen or pre-teen, “What are your coping skills,” if he can say, “Oh, I go to my room. I listen to some music, I count to ten, I hit the karate bag” that’s good because he understands that coping is a skill, not an art or magic. And once youteach kids that ....

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  • After School Activities Are Important for Well-balanced Kids

    After School Activities Are Important for Well-balanced Kids

    AfterSchoolActivities Are Important For Well-balanced Kids
    Extracurricular activities can have many benefits for kids in elementary school. They can help your child feel more confident, learn new skills, and make friends. But no activity is “one size fits all.” The best activity for your child depends on several factors, including energy level and social skills. These commentscan help you to decide which afterschool activity may be right for your grade school child. My child has tons of energy and can barely sit still.
    Your child may need a team sport or play ground time. Or he or she may benefit from Martial Arts. Martial Arts helps kids focus their energy ....

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  • School, Peer-Pressure & Cliques

    School, Peer-Pressure & Cliques

    School, Peer Pressure and Cliques How parents can help As kids navigate friendships and cliques, there's plenty parents can do to offer support. If your child seems upset, or suddenly spends time alone when usually very social, ask about it. Here are some tips: Talk about your own experiences . Share your own experiences of school — cliques have been around for a long time! Help put rejection in perspective. Remind your child of times he or she has been angry with parents, friends, or siblings — and how quickly things can change. Shed some light on social dynamics. Acknowledge that people are often judged by the way a person ....

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  • OTMA At Cedarland Summer Day Camp Part 2

    OTMA At Cedarland Summer Day Camp Part 2

    Today we were lucky to work with the Tadpoles at Cedarland Summer Day Camp . Such a great group of kids. Ms. Griffin worked with them on some basic leadership and self defense skills. Way to go Tadpoles! ....

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  • Hilldale Cemetery

    Hilldale Cemetery

    This weekend Kyoshi & Mrs. Ocasio along with John & Olivia Alford helped out with the Hope for Hilldale Cleanup Campaign. They still need volunteers if you are interested. Helping to restore this historic cemetery has been an ongoing project at Ocasio's. As part of their Black Belt requirements, our candidates perform some of their community service hours by helping to clean up and maintain the cemetery. ....

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  • OTMA At Cedarland Summer Day Camp

    OTMA At Cedarland Summer Day Camp

    We are doing a 2 week program at Cedarland Summer Day Camp and having the best time. What a terrific group of kids! Sempai Judge and Ms. Griffin had a great time teaching the Stingrays and Sharks some basic self defense and leadership skills today. Watch for pics with the Tadpoles, Toadies, and Bullfrogs next week! ....

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  • Quick tips on Juggling Stress today

    Quick tips on Juggling Stress today

    At the rate of speed life throws us challenges, it is no wonder that there are moments of stress in our lives. Here are a few simple tips to reduce the stress.
    Be honest with yourself, recognize what you can and cannot control. “When in charge, take charge”, you are always responsible for you. Remember, if you were physically sick and had to be hospitalize, then nothing else would matter, except to get better. We all have some limits, respect yours.
    You are number #1 and all of your number ones will be taken care of, when you focus on your mental and physical wellbeing first.
    When you have lots to do, lay out all your tasks on one sheet of paper, no details, no spell check, just lay them ....

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  • The Benefits of Healthy Self Esteem

    “It’s hard to be a Black Belt leader and have a low self -esteem”
    The Dictionary definition of self-esteem is: realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. The way a child perceives their self worth is often shaped by the opinions of their friends, family and closest peers. Children are influenced greatly by their friends because of their desire to be socially significant and accepted. Consequently, rarely are children influenced in a properly monitored environment that consistently, purposely and enthusiastically guides and instills positive behaviors that encourage a healthy self-esteem. Students in our Leadership Program are coached and challenged to ....

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  • Community Outreach

    Dedicated to enriching lives and improving our communities!
    Ocasio’s True Martial Arts incorporates teaching our students key values for family, work and school as well as regularly participating in community service activities. Among our many community service events,our largest is our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Brigade. By helping those less fortunate, we become a team and through teamwork we can achieve miracles! Together we can make this a special holiday for many people in our community. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful tradition and we hope that you will be a part of it with us. If you would like to volunteer for the next Turkey Brigade or any of our ....

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  • Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your child's birthday with a Karate Party!
    Ocasio's True Martial Artsoffers your child and his or her friendsa chance to experience an exciting anddifferent kind of birthday party. Our very affordable Karate Parties are a fun
    wayto teach children thevalues of respect and self-control. With supervised instruction the children are taughtthat karate is to be used for self defense,and never to be abusive or offensive.
    Our parties include the following:

    1 1/2 hours of Fun & Safe supervised activities includingFun Games
    Basic Karate instruction - Basic tumbling instruction, and a lot more
    A qualified Black Belt instructor
    Complete personalized invitations. Just bring ....

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  • Visit Our Plaistow Location

    Our Plaistow Location is conviently located at:
    160 Plaistow Road Unit 5 •(Plaistow Commons) •Plaistow, NH 03865 •603-382-4199
    When you take mixed martial arts classes at Ocasio’s True Martial Arts, you’ll get an amazing workout for your body and your mind. Just take a look at all of the benefits you will enjoy when you take our mixed martial arts classes:
    Unstoppable energy that lasts all day long
    The flexibility of an Olympic-Gold gymnast and Gorgeous, toned muscles from head-to-toe
    Unbelievable self-confidence and self-esteem
    A drastic reduction in day-to-day stress ....

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