After School Activities Are Important for Well-balanced Kids

After School Activities Are Important for Well-balanced Kids

After School Activities Are Important For Well-balanced Kids

Extracurricular activities can have many benefits for kids in elementary school. They can help your child feel more confident, learn new skills, and make friends. But no activity is “one size fits all.” The best activity for your child depends on several factors, including energy level and social skills. These comments can help you to decide which afterschool activity may be right for your grade school child.

My child has tons of energy and can barely sit still.

Your child may need a team sport or play ground time.  Or he or she may benefit from Martial Arts.   Martial Arts helps kids focus their energy in a positive manner and the self-control taught will pour over into other areas of their lives.

My child does well in groups with other kids.

One of the benefits of martial arts are the extracurricular activities.  Kids that do well in groups have a great time, and shy kids get support from the instructors to take part in these events to make sure all kids participate.  Many Martial Arts schools have parties, events, Kids Nights out in addition to regular scheduled classes.   The concept is creating bonds with other kids and increasing the fun factor.

My child loves to jump into playground games even with unfamiliar kids.

Self-confidence and social skills are important and parents want this for their kids.   However, shy children also excel in martial arts because it's based on self-improvement.  Kids are not evaluated by the performance of another child.  It's one reason we say that "No One Sits On The Bench In Martial Arts.


Our school is offering a free Beginner Martial Arts Workshop.   The benefits for parents and kids are endless and classes are quite affordable.   This workshop is scheduled for  the week of September 19th during our beginner class times which are  Monday 4:30, Tues 6:15, Wed 4:30, Thur 5:15 and Sat 10:15 in our Haverhill location.  At our Plaistow location, the times are:  Mon 5:15, Wed 4:30, Thur 6:00 and Sat 10:15.  Please register by September 15th to secure your spot.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact either of our locations 978-373-4100/603-382-4199.

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